AuxComm Training

Registered Service Mark (SM)

We have been receiving several requests for AuxComm Classes. We are not a government agency, but understand the frustration of those wishing to get the training in a timely manner. We sometimes receive information of upcoming classes, either virtual or in person, with empty seats. If you are interested in becoming part of a mailing list to receive this information, please send your contact information to . We will not share your information with anyone other than officials that are providing AuxComm Training.

There are prerequisites for AuxComm Training. FEMA IS-100, IS-200, IS-700, and IS-800 are required. G-300 is recommended, but not required. Some states have additional requirements, such as OPSEC training and perhaps other training, depending on the state. You must have an FCC Amateur Radio License of Technician or higher. In all cases, you must be supporting a public service agency, and must be able to pass or have already passed a background check. If you are not currently in a public safety support role, we recommend that you join your local CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) to meet that requirement.
Click HERE to find a CERT team near you.

We will do our best to assist you, but make no promises or guarantees. It is always best to contact your Statewide Interoperability Coordinator (SWIC) first.

We also invite those officials with empty seats in AuxComm Classes to contact us to see if we can help fill those empty seats. Send information to:  .