Registered Service Mark (SM)

120122 - Although we have always been open to everyone, December1st  was the actual debut of our nationwide net. We had a grand total of 35 check ins by various means, including two emergency management offices, and various NGO's like  ARES, CERT, ITDRC, and etc.... The check ins were from 10 different states with Kansas having the strongest showing. The discussion topic was, "Interoperability". We hope that more people interested in Emergency Communications and Disaster Response will join us next Thursday at 8pm CST (UTC -6) for the next AuxComm USA Net. See  for net connection details and net check in methods. AuxComm USA is not a government agency.

Net Map 09 May 2024

Net Map 02 May 2024

Net Map 25 April 2024

Net Map 18 April 2024

Net Map 11 April 2024

Net Map 4 April 2024

Net Map  28 March 2024 

Net Map 21 March 2024

Net Map 14 March 2024

Net Map 7 March 2024