AuxComm USA

Registered Service Mark (SM)

AuxComm USA is the citizen side of emergency communications. Unlike the government AuxComm, we are truly all inclusive in our membership and for those we support. Our members train to fit seamlessly in the NIMS and ICS systems. Additiionally, we have the capability to reach out to responders for those who have lost communication lifelines and are in need of assistance.

AuxComm USA is capable of supporting Federal, State, Local, and Tribal agencies with trained members, our communications infrastructure, and our unique ability to establish neighborhood communication hubs. This includes, but is not limited to amateur radio, military radio, citizens band radio (CB), GMRS, and more.

AuxComm USA promotes education to help volunteers meet prerequisites for training by state and federal agencies, trains volunteers in various modes and techniques of emergency communications, and is a ready resource for emergencies or disasters when our assistance is needed.

AuxComm USA is a Presidential Award winning 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

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You must have your AuxComm, COMT, ITSL, COML Training Certificate, or be a member of InfraGard to join our private Facebook group, AuxComm USA.
You may join the AuxComm USA (Public) group if you have not yet taken any training.